Sister-In-Law of Whitney Houston, Leolah Brown, Responds to Woman Claiming to be Whitney’s Daughter


Whitney Houston’s sister-in-law, Leolah Brown, is responding to a report that the “I’m Every Woman” singer became pregnant in high school when she was just 16 and gave the child up for adoption. 

“Yes, there is a woman out there who claims she is Whitney Houston’s daughter,” Leolah Brown told IE. “I am going to try and help her as much as I can because if this is true, I want to help her.”

Leolah Brown also discussed new allegations about the death of Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

Leolah claims new evidence suggests her niece was beaten and starved before she was found in her bathtub.

“Somebody wanted her dead,” she told IE. “I want the world to know that Bobbi Kristina did not die from the bathtub incident. That’s not what killed Bobbi Kristina.”

She said: “Bobbi Kristina was starved to death.”

The autopsy report showed the 22-year-old was undernourished and weighed only 93 pounds. She was also missing two teeth — they may have been knocked out. There were other mysterious bruises on her head, arms and thighs.

Leolah Brown says she blames Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon.

She made the accusation: “Nick dragged her up the stairs beating her, okay? This is a young man who swears to God that he loves my niece. But yet you drag her up the stairs by her hair and punched her in the face and you knock two of her teeth out of her mouth?”

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Source: Inside Edition