Pastor Rafael Cruz is Back on the Campaign Trail in Indiana to Support Son


After negative reporting of his religious views, the Christian evangelist father of Ted Cruz has returned to the campaign trail in an effort to win evangelical voters in Indiana, whose primary Tuesday is regarded by many as the Texas senator’s last hope to keep his bid for the Republican presidential nomination alive.

While the national media largely has been silent about Rafael Cruz’s re-emergence, local reporters in Indiana have covered his various appearances.

WSBT-TV in Mishawaka, Indiana, reported Rafael Cruz created “a lot of excitement” by showing up as a guest of Indiana Republican Gov. Mike Pence at a Wednesday night fish fry dinner of Kosciusko County Republicans.

On April 8, the Courier-Times in New Castle, Indiana, reported Rafael Cruz stopped by a local restaurant for an event that opened with a prayer from pastor Randy Gross and the singing of “God Bless America” by Christy Stutzman, the wife of Marlin Stutzman, a candidate for the Indiana state Senate.

Andrea Yaeter, reporting for the Courier-Times, noted Rafael Cruz discussed several “hot-button issues in the Republican party including education, gay marriage, abortion, states’ rights and the Supreme Court.”

Rafael Cruz said Washington didn’t need someone who was willing to buy out people to get things done, referring to his son’s Republican rival, Donald Trump.

“We do not need a deal-maker in Washington,” Rafael Cruz said.

“We need a statesman that will stand on the Constitution, on the rule of law, on limited government, on separation of powers, on making sure that justices that are nominated are faithful to the Constitution and are not going to legislate from the bench,” he continued. “Now, I’m biased; I’m convinced that man is Ted Cruz.”

At one point in his speech, Yaeter noted, Rafael Cruz discussed the four different ways for Christians to decide who to vote for in an election, stressing that to vet a candidate, the voter must look at the candidate’s record, whether he is an able man, a man of truth and if he hates covetousness.

The organizer of the event, Andrew Phipps, a national radio minister, urged the more than 10 pastors from around central Indiana in attendance to endorse Cruz for president, as Phipps suggested he had already done. notes the importance of religion in Indiana, with 31 percent of the population reported to be white evangelicals.

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