Juan Williams Addresses Today’s Pressing Issues In New Book, “We The People”

Juan Williams' new book 'We the People'
Juan Williams’ new book ‘We the People’

He’s a fixture on Fox News as a panelist on “The Five” and frequently provides political, social, and cultural analysis on the network’s spate of programming. 
Yet, Juan Williams is much more than a face on the news channel, popular among conservatives though he himself is a Democrat.

Currently, Williams is on tour promoting his new book, We The People.

His latest work explores the lives of people he identifies as the new generation of American founders, like Pres. John F. Kennedy and his brother Sen. Teddy Kennedy; evangelist Billy Graham; and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, who have extended the vision of our founding fathers.

In the book, Williams explains the only way to fully understand today’s pressing issues, like immigration, one must first consider the people and policies that changed the trajectory of those issues in modern society.

“Let’s go all the way back to when immigration was really shaped in America and that’s [the] 1960’s,” said Williams.

Williams explains that when President Kennedy came into office America was not as welcoming to immigrants and he wanted to change that.

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John Jessup