A Single Prayer Could Launch a Spiritual Awakening

A single prayer could launch a huge movement. (Lightstock )
A single prayer could launch a huge movement. (Lightstock )

There are two main movements in the Earth today—a Holy Spirit-inspired movement and an Antichrist movement. The Holy Spirit wants to shift us into a Third Great Awakening while Antichrist spirits want to shift us into a godless nation where Christians are jailed for preaching the gospel of salvation.

The contrast is stark—and visible. The Antichrist agenda is perverting sexuality, family, religion, education, government and other sectors of society. We’re seeing Christians jailed in America for standing on the Word of God, Islamic terror wreaking havoc on our soil and an onslaught of threats coming against our religious liberty.

This demonic movement has gained mass momentum in the last 50 years, but the devil always overplays his hand, and I am witnessing the church—at least a remnant within the church—waking up, praying fervently and taking action to turn a nation back to God. Some of those actions are turning into movements, which Merriam-Webster defines as “a series of organized activities working toward an objective.”

God’s Not Dead is one example of a movement in the entertainment industry. Who would have thought that a simple film about apologetics produced in 18 days would drive $9 million its opening weekend to become, at that time, the fourth-biggest film in the U.S. and, ultimately, bring in $60 million at the box office in its five-month run? Who would have thought the movie’s Facebook page would attract over 8 million followers and counting? Not even the filmmakers anticipated this success, but the movie became a movement, and part two is in theaters in April.

At the same time, Dutch Sheets, an internationally recognized author, teacher and conference speaker, inspired by the Holy Spirit, has ignited an Appeal to Heaven Movement that’s calling the nation back to prayer for a Third Great Awakening based on a flag George Washington flew over his navy ships. That flag, which is finding its place in churches and rallies today, depicts an evergreen tree with the words “An Appeal to Heaven” across the top. Washington used it to remind the colonists that their only hope against British rule and persecution was an appeal to heaven.

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SOURCE: Charisma News
Jennifer LeClaire