Norwegian Pastor Dag Øivind Østereng Resigns Over Lutheran Church’s Decision to Allow Homosexual Marriage

Norwegian Pastor Dag Øivind Østereng
Norwegian Pastor Dag Øivind Østereng

Norway’s state Lutheran church has voted to adopt provisions for marrying same-sex couples at its meeting next year and to make it part of its official liturgy.

One pastor has already resigned because of it. Pastor Dag Øivind Østereng wrote on his Facebook page:

“It is with great sadness and deep anguish, and at the same time with peace over my decision, that I must announce that during the next few weeks I will submit my resignation… from minister in the Norwegian Church…”

Østereng called same-sex marriage “contrary to the Bible.”

Of 115 synod members present at the Church of Norway’s council, 88 voted in favor. It also allows clergy members who disapprove of same-sex marriages to refrain from performing such ceremonies.

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Dale Hurd