In Effort to Promote ‘My Brother’s Keeper,’ President Barack Obama Flexes His Skills In Connect Four Against Stephen Curry


President Barack Obama just added another bullet point to an infinite list of why we don’t want him to leave office, and it involves a classic game against one of the world’s greatest shooters in pro-basketball. 

In promotion of Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, number 44 engaged in a round of Connect Four with Stephen Curry, where he attempted to guide the Golden State Warrior with the proper moves to make in order to win.

As the game was underway, Obama worryingly asked Curry, “Are you sure you want to do that?” but the 28-year-old athlete made his move despite Obama’s concern, and failed to notice that the president’s next move would solidify his reign as Connect Four champ. The leader of the free world even added a little victory dance that’ll probably turn into a GIF very soon.



By the looks of the video, Curry spent the day under Obama’s wing while the president dropped gems on how to clean up a resume, the ingredients needed to make a volcano erupt, and how to properly shoot a basketball, which will certainly come in handy as Curry remains in Playoff mode against the Houston Rockets.

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Source: Vibe | Camille Augustin