California Judge Rules Cross Depicted In Los Angeles County Seal Is Unconstitutional

Los Angeles County seal

A federal judge in California has ruled a tiny cross depicted in the Los Angeles County seal is unconstitutional.

County commissioners voted recently to add the cross to a depiction of the historic San Gabriel Mission, one of seven images on the county seal.

The commissioners reasoned it was more accurate that way, since it’s an accurate depiction of the Catholic mission founded in the 1700s.

But it didn’t take long for the ACLU to find an atheist who was offended by the cross and a judge ruled the cross “carries with it an aura of prestige, authority and approval.”

Brad Dacus of the Pacific Justice Institute says he’s grown tired of fighting these nuisance suits.

“Groups like the ACLU should not be allowed to intimidate local governments and communities,” he says, “from accurately depicting their history and heritage.”

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Steve Jordahl