WATCH: Georgia Judge Surprised That Video of Her ‘Tough Love’ Speech to At-Risk Teens Went Viral


Bibb County Superior Court Judge Verda Colvin said she didn’t know the camera was rolling.

By the time she found out, it was too late. She went viral.

Colvin volunteers with Bibb County Sheriff’s Office’s “Consider the Consequences” class, a program that bluntly shows youth where their early lives in crime are likely headed.

On March 29, Colvin was speaking to some wayward kids in the program who were brought into her courtroom. Her passionate lecture about the harsh realities of their futures if they didn’t change clearly touched many of them.

Her speech was 8 minutes long. It encouraged teens to consider the consequences of their actions.

Their choices, she told them, jail, or “you can be in this body bag,” Colvin says in the video as she unfolded a white body bag. “And the only way somebody’s going to know you’re in here is because of this tag.”

At points in the video, you can see a sheriff’s deputy handing tissues to some of the children who were moved to tears.

“I did not expect or anticipate that was going to be recorded,” Colvin said about the video.

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