Alabama Lawmakers Move Forward With Plan to Impeach Governor Robert Bentley


Alabama lawmakers moved Tuesday to impeach their governor nearly two weeks after his squeaky clean reputation was wrecked by allegations that he and a top aide had an adulterous affair.

“We’re looking at this governor who has essentially betrayed the trust of the people of Alabama,” State Rep. Ed Henry said. “This is about the actions and lies that have caused us some doubts about his leadership.”

Henry then called on Gov. Robert Bentley to resign.

“If he truly loves the people of this state, he will step down,” Henry said.

Not a chance, Bentley fired back in a statement.

“There are no grounds for impeachment, and I will vigorously defend myself and my administration from this political attack,” he said. “Today’s press conference is nothing more than political grandstanding intended to grab headlines and take the focus away from the important issues the Legislature still has to address before the end of the session.”

The bid to remove Bentley came a day after the governor, a conservative Republican, apologized again for the scandal engulfing his administration — and after the governor said he asked God to forgive him.

“I am thankful our governor has reconciled with Our Lord and Jesus Christ,” Henry said. “But his actions still have consequences.”

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SOURCE: NBC News, Corky Siemaszko