WATCH: Lebron James Coaches Cavaliers despite the Real Coach Tyronn Lue Trying to Do His Job


LeBron James did not play during Tuesday night’s game against the Rockets, but he most definitely did coach. 

Dressed like an assistant coach, LeBron left the bench and began actively coaching his fellow Cavs teammates. Normally, this could be considered good leadership, but you rarely see an injured or resting player leave the bench area to shout instructions to his team.


Poor Tyronn Lue was out there trying to do his job as head coach while James yelled over his shoulder. Fans used to joke (or not?) that LeBron was the real Cavs coach under David Blatt.

But here we go again. LeBron can be seen mouthing, “How am I on the court?” Someone was annoyed.

James really got into this new coaching job.

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Source: USA Today | Andrew Joseph