Derek Jeter, When Asked About Being Trump’s VP: ‘That Sounds Like Too Much Work”


Former Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is known for a bunch of things, from his incredible play on the field to the way he dealt with the press off it.

Despite the fact that he’s no longer wearing pinstripes, he’s still giving perfectly innocuous answers that would anger exactly no one.

Here’s a good example, courtesy of the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd:

It’s the perfect answer. He’s not stumping for Trump and not ticking off the candidate’s supporters. Jeter’s just pointing out the truth: Being a vice presidential candidate is indeed a lot of work.

But doesn’t that make the future Hall of Famer the perfect political candidate? We all know he wants to get into baseball ownership someday, but Senator Jeter has a pretty nice ring to it.

SOURCE: Charles Curtis
USA Today: For the Win