Is the Republican Party Racist?

Bishop Harry Jackson calls the church to unity in the land. (Courtesy)

I really don’t believe so, but I understand where this negative labeling comes from. As we approach the winner take all phase of the presidential primaries, the question of how to fix the race and class conundrum of our nation still looms ahead of us. The most recent furor about whether or not Donald Trump has renounced the KKK is a symptom of a bigger problem. No answer or intonation would have been good enough. Arguments like these can never be decisively won. Conservatives should not be surprised that age old accusations are resurfacing. As an African American, I am tired of liberal media outlets attempting to scare off minority voters based on name calling. 

The question of how to fix the race and class conundrum of our nation still looms ahead of us as a national challenge. We understand that all conservatives have been labeled as elite, snobbish, racist, and misogynist. And if the GOP is going to be successful in this election cycle, all its candidates have to become more comfortable in discussing race. We must boldly explain that conservatives adhere to transcendent values that will ultimately help everyone.

In this very attitude and spirit, three weeks ago (Feb11, 2016) The Reconciled Church Initiative was the primary convener of a historic presidential candidate forum at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The event was called the Carolina Values Summit. For the first time, urban America problems were included in a faith oriented discussion with conservative candidates.

The Five following themes were discussed by three campaigns Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, and Marco Rubio (represented by Senator Santorum):

Religious Liberty
Law enforcement
Economic development of inner cities
Government programs that help or hurt
Faith community involvement

All the presidential campaigns that we spoke with grasped the idea that America is changing. They also grasped the fact that people of all races are interested in urban matters and safety in our inner cities. We were encouraged that 2,200 tickets were reserved or purchased for the event and the audience ended up being 80% white.

Let me give you just a sampling of the questions that were asked at the summit and the responses of the presidential candidates. David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) asked the candidates the following question concerning religious liberty.

“What is your plan to stop the blatant assault on religious freedom in the market place? The erosion of one’s constitutional right – especially one as fundamental as religious liberty and the freedom of speech may serve as precedent for the erosion of other rights to the detriment of all Americans?”

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Source: Townhall | Harry Jackson Jr.