Feds Arrested 8,000 Violent Fugitives in the Past 6 Weeks


Federal authorities Wednesday announced the arrests of more than 8,000 violent fugitives, including 559 wanted for murder, in the past six weeks as part of an operation aimed at combating persistent crime in 12 cities.

In Baltimore alone, 148 fugitives were swept up, including 23 murder suspects in the effort led by the U.S. Marshals Service, known as Operation Violence Reduction 12.

“With warrants in hand — and after extensive extra training for the dangerous situations they were likely to encounter – the marshals and our state and local partners went to work getting the worst of the worst off of our streets,” Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said.

Also among the most serious offenders were 648 gang members and 846 suspected sex offenders arrested in Brooklyn, N.Y., Camden, N.J., Chicago, Compton, Calif., Fresno, Calif., Gary, Ind., Milwaukee, New Orleans, Oakland, Savannah, Ga., and Washington, D.C.

SOURCE: USA Today, Kevin Johnson