Vizio to Launch Line of TVs With Built-In Chromecast


Bored with your lineup of channels in your smart TV? TV manufacturer Vizio may have the answer for you.

The company has joined forces with Google for a line of TVs with built-in Chromecast, which means that any video that’s playable on your smartphone or tablet should be able to be “cast” to the TV as well.

Google Chromecast is the $35 dongle that connects to your TV to bring in internet entertainment from the likes of Netflix and YouTube. By ditching the dongle, TV fans won’t have to worry about re-charging the device. It also opens up having another slot for a HDMI device.

The new 4K “SmartCast” TVs start at $999 for a 50-inch set and come with supplied 6-inch tablet remote to change channels, adjust volume and control apps. You can also do all of that by clicking on the Vizio app on your Android or Apple device.

Having a set with built-in Chromecast offers a big advantage over current “smart TVs,” which come with a set list of featured channels, Vizio Chief Technology Officer Matt McRae says, because the apps can be constantly updated.

The TVs are officially called the P-Series Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display collection and will be on sale at Best Buy exclusively beginning March 27th.

SOURCE: Jefferson Graham