Ministries Aim to Restore a Great Commission Mentality Within the American Church


An alliance of globally focused ministries has designated May 15 as the “International Day for the Unreached.”

Speaking on a Christian radio network Monday, Jeff McLinden described the one-day event as an attempt to inspire and mobilize Christians to reach out to the more than two-billion people who have yet to hear the gospel.

“It’s hard to believe that in this day in age, with all the technology and all of the travel that we have and all of the missions work that’s done around the world that that could truly be the case – but it truly is,” said McLinden. “We’re just trying to help illuminate that fact for the church – and for America, in particular – because it seems like a Great Commission-focus has really kind of gone into the past.”

While there are parts of the world where it’s illegal for someone to be Christian, let alone tell people about Christ, McLinden said people in some nations and regions do have religious freedom – it’s just that the people there haven’t been reached.

“Our hope is to mobilize churches across the United States and the congregations of those churches to do one of several things,” said McLinden. “They can pray; giving is another thing … one of the most significant things, though, is simply advocating for the unreached.”

And how does one do that?

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SOURCE: One News Now – Chris Woodward