Pennsylvania Pastor Calls for National Week of Repentance; Says Repentance Begins In God’s House, Not the White House

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Repentance is a word hardly spoken in many churches, but a pastor says it’s one that should be heard – and that it’s up to Christians to actually take action and do it to make a change in the nation.

Repentance should begin at God’s House, not the White House. That’s the theme of the National Week of Repentance, April 3-10, called for by Michael Anthony, founder of Godfactor and lead pastor at Grace Fellowship in York, Pennsylvania. Anthony stands on the often-preached 2 Chronicles 7:13-14 scripture that calls on people to repent.

“It’s designed to help people who are sick and tired of just recognizing the problem to actually have a biblical solution, what to do,” he says. “The question that God has been working on me with is … What should you do as a pastor and what should My people be doing in light of Me speaking to them?

The pastor laments that believers, in a general sense, have yet to humble themselves as God’s people and pray and seek God’s face in humility – and repent.

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow
Bob Kellogg