Justin Bieber Reportedly Wants to Build a Megachurch In Tallahassee, Florida


The transformation of Justin Bieber over the last couple of years has been quite an amazing sight to behold; from punk kid always getting in trouble with the law to the respectable superstar that he is today.  Now, according to several sources, that transformation is about to become complete: Justin Bieber is building a church.

The non-denominational mega church is to be built in Tallahassee, Florida in cooperation with pastors in the area.  Justin is reported to have chosen Tallahassee because of the “incredible faith” of its residents.  Though he’s not planning on moving to the area he does plan on being there on a regular basis as an associate pastor and will use the skills he acquired during his transformation to transform the lives of others.

Pastor Miller – one of the pastors involved in the project – had this to say about Bieber: “I don’t follow pop culture all that often and the only thing I had ever heard about Justin Bieber were the negatives.  I wasn’t even aware of his recent transformation but when I met him last week and we talked about the project I knew his heart was in this all the way.  I think we all thought that.”  A date and location for the construction of the megachurch have not been disclosed as of yet.

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SOURCE: Local News 33