WATCH: T.I. Calls Donald Trump’s Campaign an Act of “Organized Crime”, Says he Doesn’t Want Trump Supporters Buying his Music


T.I. is not here for anyone who supports Donald Trump, or what he stands for. So much so, that he doesn’t even want anyone’s money that does.

TMZ recently caught up with Tip at LAX, where he had a couple of choice words for Mr. Trump and his devoted constituents. In a nutshell, the rapper accused Trump of trying to harm his community. When asked about his recent statements on Trump’s republican presidential campaign, he shared this:

“He misuses and abuses his power to the point where he uses his money and his influence to tell people to do things that are harmful to my people,” T.I. said. “Well I just want him to know how frowned upon that is in my community. Starting with me.”

He also went on to say that Trump’s tactics are basically a scheme of organized crime. “Some things are more important than money to me,” he continued.

Watch the full interview. Do you agree with Tip’s sentiments towards Trump’s political practices? Sound off below.


SOURCE: Vibe – Richy Rosario