Attorney says Texas DA is Pushing to Raise Bond for Officer in Shooting


The attorney for Farmers Branch Police Officer Ken Johnson said the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office wants to raise the bond and increase restrictions, a day after Johnson was released from jail. 

Attorney Chris Livingston says the DA’s office plans to file a motion to increase Johnson’s bond and put additional restrictions on the officer, who was arrested for murder and aggravated assault.

They want him to turn in his passport, put him on GPS monitoring, and turn in the guns in his possession.

That motion will likely be heard early next week, though those details are unclear at this time.

Johnson was arrested on Wednesday by Addison police earlier this week after he chased down and opened fire on two teens he saw stealing items from his SUV. One of the teens, Jose Cruz, died at the scene.

The officer was being held on a total of $150,000 bond — $100,000 for the murder charge and $50,000 for the aggravated assault charge. He was released hours later after paying 10 percent of the bond.

Jose Cruz’s family expressed outrage that Johnson was allowed to go free after he was able to pay the bond.

Source: WFAA