15-Year-Old Wins Hearthstone Americas Winter Championship Tournament


After a weekend of tough competition, the Hearthstone Americas Winter Championship tournament is over, and a winner for the region has been crowned: 15-year-old William “Amnesiac” Barton (pictured above), the youngest professional Hearthstone player in the world.

Amnesiac’s path here wasn’t easy. He narrowly won his first best-of-five series against Talion on Friday, then lost in a 3-0 sweep on Saturday against a dominant performance by Nostam. This pushed Amnesiac into the lower bracket, where he had to face off against Talion once more to kick off the final day of the tournament. He beat Talion again and then took down AlSkyHigh for a spot in the grand finals.

Amnesiac’s finals match was versus Nostam, the same opponent who had defeated him on Saturday. Amnesiac quickly took a two-game lead, winning with his druid and rogue decks. Nostam clawed back a win with his own druid deck, but in a final match-up of Amnesiac’s control warrior versus Nostam’s Reno warlock, Amnesiac proved victorious and took first place in the tournament as a whole.

Amnesiac first became a name to watch in the Hearthstone scene last year when, at the age of 14, he managed a number one finish in the ranked format for the game’s August 2015 season. Players began turning to the young competitor for thoughts on deckbuilding and the current state of the meta. Soon after, Amnesiac was signed Team Archon, a Hearthstone-centric esports team run by Jason “Amaz” Chan.

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SOURCE: Polygon, Philip Kollar