General Motors Acquires Tech Startup Cruise Automation


GM has added yet another arrow to its autonomous vehicle quiver, announcing the acquisition of San Francisco tech startup Cruise Automation.

General Motors has announced that it’s acquiring San Francisco-based tech startup Cruise Automation to bolster its driverless tech lineup. The company will be owned by GM, but will operate as an independent element within the automaker’s Autonomous Vehicle Development Team.

The acquisition of Cruise goes hand-in-hand with GM’s partnership with ride-sharing service Lyft and the introduction of its Maven car-sharing service. According to The Verge, it’s all part of GM’s push to get self-driving cabs on the road.

“We’ve been really clear that we see the first large-scale deployment of autonomous vehicles being into a ride-share type of car, so we think that’s the right first application,” GM President Dan Amman (shown above, right, with Cruise co-founders Kyle Vogt and Daniel Kan) told The Verge.

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SOURCE: Autoblog, Brandon Turkus