Brawls Break Out Among Spring Breakers in Miami: Police Call for Backup to Control Crowds, Several Arrested


The word whispered across South Beach Friday night was “chaos” after the spring break crowds got out of control, forcing Miami Beach police to call for back up units.

Miami Beach police told CBS4 that spring break crowds flowed off the beach and onto Lummus Park between 7th and 9th streets before spilling onto ocean drive.

As police tried to control the crowds – getting them off the street and onto the sidewalk – people pushed, brawls broke out and objects were thrown.

The crowd became so big and out of control so quickly that Miami Beach police had to call in more units working other areas of the beach as well as units from Miami police.

“At first everything was under control,” Miami native Jovannae Sweeting told Reporter Donna Rapado.  “But then I guess when people tried to fight police, of course when the police were attacked other police tried to help them.  It was crazy.”

Video even captured people even standing on top of cars.

The few troublemakers in the crowd annoyed spring breakers just looking to chill on world famous Miami Beach.

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