90-year-old Man Charged With Sexually Assaulting 66-year-old Woman


The Seattle City Attorney’s Office has charged a 90-year-old man with sexual assault from an incident inside a senior housing complex.

The 66-year-old alleged victim says her elderly attacker isn’t the only one to blame because the suspect had a similar incident four years ago.

“I was so shocked. [Senior Housing Assistance Group] knew about this,” said SHAG resident Linda Malone.

Malone is the tenant’s association president at New Haven apartments in north Seattle.

In January, 90-year-old Abraham Kang contacted her to donate a bath stool to any resident who might need it.

According to a report filed with Seattle police, Malone reported that Kang asked for a hug while in her apartment.

“I hesitated. But I let him and he grabbed me inappropriately,” Linda Malone said.  “He put his hands on my bottom and pulled me to him.”

Malone says he talked about his ability to have sex at his age and commented on her breasts.

“I was afraid at that point, I didn’t know where this was going,” she said.

Malone says a phone call interrupted them and Kang left the apartment.

Malone called the police and that’s when she learned that this was not the elderly man’s first brush with the law.

Seattle police told her that in 2012, the family of a 92-year-old resident complained that Kang had groped their mother.

At the time, Kang lived at SHAG’s Cedar Park complex in the Lake City neighborhood.

Her family said the woman was “too embarrassed” to press charges, but she told police Kang had “grabbed my breasts” and groped her so that “…her pelvic area was sore…” the next day.

A family member, who asked that her name not be used, said they considered filing a restraining order against Kang.

However, she said they changed their mind when SHAG management said they would move him out of the building.

That’s when he moved to New Haven, where Linda Malone lives.

“SHAG has done this to us,” Malone said.  “They moved somebody that they knew was a danger from one SHAG building to another.”

In a statement, SHAG Executive Director Jay Woolford denies that.  He said Kang wasn’t “transferred” by SHAG.  He said Kang moved to a new building on his own, as is common with SHAG residents.

Woolford said since no charges were filed in the earlier case, there was no reason to “warn” New Haven residents about Kang’s arrival.

Linda Malone has been involved in a bitter dispute with SHAG.

She’s one of the tenant’s association presidents from four SHAG buildings – along with the Washington Tenant’s Union – which complained in a KING 5 Investigation last year about alleged mistreatment of elderly tenants at SHAG buildings.

Malone says SHAG has retaliated by evicting her for her outspokenness.

Woolford denies that and says she’s being evicted because she “harassed” others in the building.

Kang will appear in court later this month on a charge of misdemeanor assault with sexual motivation.

SOURCE: Chris Ingalls
KING-TV, Seattle