Johnny Manziel Waived by Cleveland Browns After Rough Two Years


The Cleveland Browns have waived Johnny Manziel on Friday. It was almost at the point where we asked what took them so long.

There had been rumors that perhaps a team or two might be willing to trade for him, but those rumors likely were generated by a new Browns regime that pretty much moved on from Manziel the minute they issued a distance-creating statement last month after Manziel again was investigated for a domestic violence incident.

His issues, both before the NFL at Texas A&M and since the Browns traded up for him in the 2014 first round, have become extremely clear. Manziel likely must address his reported substance concerns that had him in rehab a year ago and also decide if he’s willing to commit to being an NFL player at the game’s most demanding position.

The Browns took a leap of faith, moving back first in the first round and then up, to land Manziel. They saw his magical penchant for making plays in college and overlooked other shortcomings: yes, his size and pro-style quarterbacking ability, but more important his inability to stay out of trouble and spend the time necessary to work at his craft.

There were glimmers of greatness over his two seasons, but they were cloaked by mistakes on and off the field, not to mention the frustration of a Browns coaching staff and front office that largely were gutted by owner Jimmy Haslam, whom many people believe green-lit (and perhaps even insisted on) the Manziel pick.

In eight starts with the Browns, Manziel completed 57 percent of his passes, threw for seven TDs and seven interceptions and rushed for 259 yards and a touchdown. His magic never really translated on the field — certainly not anywhere close to the level to offset his frustrating off-field incidents.

Manziel might not have an agent, having been dumped by Erik Burkhardt this winter, but he does still apparently have a publicist who issued a statement:

I’d like to thank the Browns for the opportunity they gave me — nearly two years ago, we all hoped that we were building what could be a championship team for Cleveland,” Manziel said in the statement. “I will always remember the support I received from the organization, my teammates and especially the fans.”

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SOURCE: Yahoo! Sports