Former Crips and Bloods Gang Members Create Catering Business, Trap Kitchen LA

Malachi Jenkins and Roberto Smith INSTAGRAM
Malachi Jenkins and Roberto Smith

One spent years repping the Bloods. The other spent years repping the Crips. But now two former gang members are repping one thing: food. 

Malachi Jenkins, a former member of the Crips, and Roberto Smith, a former member of the Bloods, both got tired of running the streets and hustling. And when a mutual friend introduced them, despite their involvement with the gangs at the time, they hit it off and then shortly realized they both had had enough of the lives they were leading.

Jenkins, aka Chef Spanky, enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu, and after graduating, he started posting pictures of his dishes on Instagram.

After becoming Instagram famous, the two started their new business venture, Trap Kitchen LA.

“The gang stuff, the shootings, now that I’m in this kitchen, I don’t go through none of that,” Smith said.

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Source: The Root | YESHA CALLAHAN