Donald Trump’s Chicago Rally Postponed Due to Security Concerns


Donald Trump’s Chicago rally Friday night was postponed as large crowds of supporters and protesters gathered outside.

Trump’s earlier campaign rally today in St. Louis, Missouri was interrupted several times and one person was arrested outside.

Trump has been dealing with a number of interruptions from protesters nearly every day. More recently at a rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina, an attendee, John Franklin McGraw, allegedly punched a protester who was being escorted out in the head and face.

While the crowds wait for Trump, an announcement was made instructing the crowd on what to do if a protest breaks out.

“Mr. Trump will continue his lifelong defense of the right of free speech in America. As a matter of fact he supports the First Amendment just as much as he supports the Second Amendment. However some people have taken advantage of Mr. Trump’s hospitality by choosing to disrupt his rallies by using them as an opportunity to promote their own political messages. While they certainly have the right to free speech this is private event paid for by Mr. Trump,” the announcement said.

It continued: “If a protester started demonstrating in the area around you please do not touch or harm the protester. This is a peaceful rally. in order to notify the law enforcement officers of the location of the protesters please hold a rally sign over your head and start chanting “Trump.'”

ABC News