Muslim Women Removed From JetBlue Flight After Filming Cabin Crew


Two women in Islamic dress have been removed from a flight after allegedly filming the cabin crew.

The police were called to JetBlue flight 487 on Saturday after landing and escorted them off the aircraft.

The airline has denied the women were ejected because of their presumed religion and says it was it simply paying “due diligence” to security procedures.

Footage of the event, which has now been made private, was posted online by former Wired journalist Mark Frauenfelder.

Mr Frauenfelder’s friend, Sharon Kessler, was a passenger on the Boston to Los Angeles flight.

She said in a Facebook post cited by Mr Frauenfelder that she “overheard a flight attendant tell a co-worker that she didn’t like the way two Muslim women were staring back at her.”

Ms Kessler said that the crew member relayed to a colleague that “she didn’t appreciate being stared at – she did not seem rattled or scared – just smug,” Mail Online reported.

“It was a terrible moment, honestly. These women sat quietly, watched movies – it felt like overkill from this flight attendant.”

JetBlue has denied that the ejection occurred because of the women’s religion.

A spokesman said the same thing would have happened to anyone who filmed the crew and had also occurred in the past: “This happened on arrival at LAX and did not impact the customers more than they had to wait a couple of seconds before getting off the plane.

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SOURCE: The Independent, Will Worley