Germany Says Stolen ISIS Files Are ‘Probably Genuine’


Germany’s interior minister has said stolen files detailing hundreds of recruits to the Islamic State militant group can be assumed to be genuine.

Thomas de Maiziere said the information could help with prosecutions of IS fighters, and help prevent future recruitment to the militant group.

Files obtained by German, UK and Syrian opposition media are said to identify IS recruits from at least 40 countries.

Some 22,000 names appear to be listed but most may be duplicates.

Names, addresses, phone numbers and skill sets are listed on official-looking forms.

Files were published online (documents in Arabic) by Zaman Al-Wasl, a Qatari-based Syrian news website:

Two of those listed, Kerim Marc B and Abdelkarim B, are currently on trial separately in Germany, while another two Germans on the list, Farid Saal Yassin Oussaiffi, have appeared in IS videos

Dutch media identified Abu Jihad al-Hollandi as Amsterdam teenager Achraf Bouamran, killed in a US air strike on the Syrian IS stronghold of Raqqa in January 2015. His file reads: “Abu Jihad Hollandi. Born 1997. Moroccan origin. Wants to be a fighter”

Sixteen Britons including two killed in air strikes in Syria, Junaid Hussain and Reyaad Khan, also reportedly feature in the files.

One file refers to a German recruit who used to be “in sales” and now “wants to be a suicide bomber”, while another would-be suicide bomber (nationality not given) formerly worked as a “tobacconist in a restaurant”.

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