English-speaking ISIS Fighter Warns of Paris-style Attack in America ‘Very Soon’


An English-speaking ISIS jihadi has warned America they will be attacked ‘very soon’ and ‘by Allah’s permission do to your country what we did to Paris’.

In a chilling new ISIS video, he warns the US and President Barack Obama that the terror group will ‘kill, slaughter and burn your people’.

The jihadi tells America it can expect an atrocity similar to the massacre in Paris in November in which 130 people were murdered in a wave of shootings and suicide bomb attacks.

The narrator speaks English as he delivers his disturbing threat – but it is not known whether he is British.

Footage begins with the title of the video: ‘A message to America From The Islamic Caliphate Supporters.’

The man says: ‘Paris isn’t far from you – we will by Allah’s permission do to your country what we did to Paris. We will kill, slaughter and burn your people.

‘Inshallah (God willing), we will attack you very soon with anything we lay our hands on.’

Against a backdrop of footage from conflicts in the Middle East and harrowing scenes from the Paris attack, the narrator says: ‘You dogs of Rome, Kerry and Obama, haven’t you learned your lesson yet?’

‘Fighting the Islamic caliphate state is making you lose lots of wealth and even losing the lives of your army as well as your people.’

He also makes reference to cyber attacks on the terror group and attempts to shut down their online operation.

‘No matter how many times you delete our accounts or chase our places and no matter how you fight us, we are still here and we will support the Islamic caliphate state.’

According to the Sun, the video cuts to older footage of Jihadi John -killed in a US drone strike last year – wearing a balaclava and standing over his prisoners.

In January ISIS threatened an attack on Britain so horrific it will ‘turn children’s hair white’.

The terror group warned the UK will suffer ‘the lion’s share’ of the slaughter it intends to wield in Europe, according to its Arabic language newspaper, al-Naba.

It comes after 130 people were slaughtered by ISIS terrorists in Paris on November 13 last year.

Jihadists gunned down revellers enjoying nights out in cafes and bars, tried to bomb the Stade de France during an international football match and massacred scores of concert goers at the Bataclan music theatre.

SOURCE: Daily Mail