Mr. T Fondly Remembers Nancy Reagan and Their Work Together on Just Say No

Nancy Reagan kisses Mr. T's forehead at the White House in 1983. Photo: Wikipedia
Nancy Reagan kisses Mr. T’s forehead at the White House in 1983. Photo: Wikipedia

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan was fondly remembered on Monday by one of the era’s most powerful and influential figures — Mr. T.

“I mourn the death of First Lady Nancy Reagan, who was Very Special to me,” the former A-Team star tweeted Monday.

“I am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat,” he added. “But I am just a Christian Brother from the Hood trying to do some good! I will truly miss First Lady Nancy Reagan.”

Mr. T, know for his catch phrase “I pity the fool,” was filled Monday only with a feeling of sympathy for Reagan, who died Sunday at age 94.

The actor first met the First Lady in 1983, when she invited him to the White House to play Santa at a Christmas party.

He later worked on her “Just Say No” to drugs program.

Meanwhile, the late First Lady’s daughter, Patti Davis, gave a somewhat cooler reaction to her mom’s death, saying it “wasn’t a surprise.”

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SOURCE: NY Post – David K. Li and Todd Venezia