Some of Ben Carson’s Supporters Aren’t Entirely Convinced he’s Dropping Out

Ben Carson supporters at CPAC weren't ready to give up the fight yet. (SAM LEVINE/THE HUFFINGTON POST)
Ben Carson supporters at CPAC weren’t ready to give up the fight yet. (SAM LEVINE/THE HUFFINGTON POST)

A day after Ben Carson all but officially ended his presidential campaign, his supporters at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference this week are still holding out hope that he’ll continue to run.

Carson said in a statement on Wednesday that he didn’t see a “path forward” for his candidacy and that he would skip Thursday’s GOP debate in Detroit. He’s scheduled to speak at the CPAC gathering on Friday, at which point he’s expected to address his political future.

Sitting at a booth here, handing out Carson bumper stickers, Carson magnets and pamphlets of Carson’s policy proposals, Beth Trivett said she wasn’t entirely convinced that he will get out of the race.

“We all had tears at first because we all thought he was dropping out, but I don’t know that he’s dropping out,” Trivett said.

Kathy Steveson, seated at the same booth, was likewise not convinced that Carson is dropping out. She also agreed with his decision to skip Thursday’s debate.

“I think maybe there’s a bigger plan in the picture for Dr. Carson. I’m glad he doesn’t have to participate in the debate because it’s a brawling match and he’s the gentleman of the five,” Steveson said. “I don’t know if he’s withdrawing. It’s not official if he’s withdrawing, and wherever he goes, he has over 1 million people supporting him and I believe we’ll all stay with him.”

Steveson, who volunteered with Carson in Iowa, said that she was attracted to his honesty, integrity and humility and that she didn’t think he’d been treated fairly during the Republican debates.

“The debates are entertainment basically, and instead of concentrating on the issues, it’s like the media wants them to go at each other. And because he won’t participate in that, he’s just a sideshow,” she said.

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SOURCE: Sam Levine 
The Huffington Post