WATCH: First Trailer for Controversial Nina Simone Biopic Starring Zoe Saldana

The first trailer for the long-awaited Nina Simone biopic Nina has finally arrived, following the controversial release of the film’s first poster.

The film focuses on the iconic singer’s life and career, and her relationship with her former nurse-turned-manager Clifton Henderson. Zoë Saldana stars as Simone, while David Oyelowo plays Henderson.

In the trailer, Simone is seen offering Henderson a job for “$2,000 a month” to help “take care of her affairs” while on the road. What follows is a montage of Simone’s struggle to get her career back on track as she battles a drinking problem.

“Everyone thinks that you are crazy,” a man is heard saying.

“What does that have to do with playing music?” Saldana, as Simone, asks in response.

The film has been plagued with production problems for years, and its release has been delayed multiple times. In 2010, Mary J. Blige signed on to play Nina, but later had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts. When Saldana, 37, was ultimately cast, people began raising their concerns over choosing a light-skinned actress to portray Simone.

Nina will open on April 22.

SOURCE: People Mag – Jodi Gugliemi