WATCH: CNN’s Jake Tapper Asks Rubio: Are You in Denial About Beating Trump?


Donald Trump won at least seven states on Super Tuesday, looking on track to become the Republican nominee.

That same night, Marco Rubio took one state, Minnesota—his first.

As Rubio continues to pitch himself as the viable alternative to Trump, CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked him straight-up: Are you in denial about your odds in this race?

“Is it possible that your quarrel is not so much with Donald Trump as it is with Republican primary voters?” Tapper asked Rubio Tuesday night.

No way, said Rubio, who accused Tapper of “mis-analyzing” the results.

Rubio argued that his campaign performed above expectations for the night and looked poised to win Minnesota (as he later did).

Rubio then turned to criticize Trump, railing on him for using immigrant labor on a construction project and for fraud claims around his online university.

Tapper wasn’t having it.

“Senator, you keep saying that, and he keeps winning states,” he said.

“And you’re talking about Virginia, and that’s another state that Donald Trump won. And I’m just wondering if there’s a certain amount of denial that you’re in about this race.”

Rubio denied that he was in denial.

“There will never come a time in this race where our supporters are asking us to get out and rally around Donald Trump. What people are saying is fight as hard as you can to save the party of Lincoln and Reagan,” Rubio said.

He continued: “I will fight as long and as hard as it takes to save this party and the conservative movement from someone like Donald Trump.”

Watch the interview:

SOURCE: Josh Hafner