Pure Flix Entertainment Sees Big Success With Faith-Based Films


Pure Flix Entertainment continues to enhance its position as the world’s largest faith and family-based film company with the announcement of its box office receipts for 2015, along with significant developments across all of its divisions.

For 2015, the box office receipts for Pure Flix’s four films—which included Old Fashioned, Do You Believe?, Faith of Our Fathers and Woodlawn—totaled more than $30.2 million.

The company is poised for additional success in 2016 with God’s Not Dead 2, which opens in more than 1,500 theaters nationally on April 1, along with other key releases.

“We’re grateful for everything we’ve accomplished last year. There’s clearly a growing appetite among the industry, retailers, distributors and consumers for faith- and family-friendly films that we’re providing,” said Pure Flix CEO Michael Scott.

One of the key milestones for the company in 2015 was the introduction of a SVOD platform PureFlix.com. With more than 3,000 titles available –including several movies that can only be streamed on PureFlix.com—Pure Flix Digital is planning to add additional exclusive and original content, making it is even more appealing for those seeking an alternative to current Hollywood fare. The service is available on iOS and Android platforms, and can also be streamed via Roku, Google Chromecast and Amazon Firestick.

Equally noteworthy, the Pure Flix Home Entertainment division signed a multi-year distribution deal with Universal Studios. The company’s first release through Universal in January was Woodlawn, which was featured on dedicated merchandising displays across the Walmart chain, due in large part to the leverage Universal has in the marketplace.

The Pure Flix Alliance division establishes strategic alliances with denominations, churches and Christian-led organizations to create initiatives to support and grow the full spectrum of Pure Flix brands, products and services.  In 2016, the number of consultants working directly with churches will increase from three to 24 and number of churches targeted will expand from 900 to 7,200 across the country.

SOURCE: Pure Flix