New Book Makes the Case for Pro-life Women Being ‘Pro-woman’


A misleading concept prevalent about women is the focus of a new book from the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission’s publishing arm.

“There is an idea out there that those who are pro-choice are pro-woman, and the rest of us do not care about women,” said Trillia Newbell, editor of “Women on Life: A Call to Love the Unborn, Unloved and Neglected.”

“This, to me, couldn’t be further from the truth.”

The book features 16 female writers addressing a variety of life situations from a biblical, pro-life perspective. The topics include not only protecting unborn children and vulnerable women from abortion but helping pregnant teenagers, living as a single mother, and caring for widows, the elderly and those with special needs.

“I wanted to get women who I knew were indeed pro-women and pro-life” to write about difficult issues in today’s culture, Newbell told Baptist Press in an email interview. “These women who contributed to Women on Life love women and want to see the unborn, toddlers, the mother to the grandmother prosper in the Lord. I knew they would share covered in grace and truth.”

Published by the ERLC’s Leland House Press in print and e-book formats, Women on Life was released in mid-January for Sanctity of Human Life Sunday on Jan. 17 and the first Evangelicals for Life conference, Jan. 21-22 in Washington. The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and Focus on the Family were the primary cosponsors of the conference.

Among the contributors to Women on Life are Betsy Childs Howard, an editor with The Gospel Coalition; Jackie Hill-Perry, poet and artist with Humble Beast Records; and Kelly Rosati, vice president of community outreach for Focus on the Family.

“Holistically Pro-life,” a chapter by Newbell, serves as a big-picture perspective the other contributors apply to specific issues.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Tom Strode