French Parents Warned to Stop Posting Photos of Children Online Lest They be Sued by Adult Offspring On Privacy Grounds Years Down the Road


French parents are being warned to stop posting pictures of children on social networks in case their offspring later sue them for breaching their right to privacy or jeopardising their security.

Under France’s stringent privacy laws, parents could face penalties as severe as a year in prison and a fine of €45,000 (£35,000) if convicted of publicising intimate details of the private lives of others — including their children – without their consent.

Eric Delcroix, an expert on internet law and ethics, said: “In a few years, children could easily take their parents to court for publishing photos of them when they were younger.”

Grown-ups who sue their parents for breaching their right to privacy as children could obtain substantial compensation awards, according to French legal experts.

Viviane Gelles, a lawyer specialising in internet-related issues, said that under French law, “parents are responsible for protecting images of their children.”

Mr Delcroix said: “We often criticise teenagers for their online behaviour, but parents are no better.”

He argued that people should think about how their children will feel later in life about images of them as infants or adolescents being posted on Facebook or other social networks. “Children at certain stages do not wish to be photographed or still less for those photos to be made public,” he told Le Figaro newspaper.

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SOURCE: The Telegraph