CDC Warns of Deadly Outbreaks Among ‘Healthy’ Foods, Including Sprouts, Salads, Organic Shakes, and Cucumbers


Ironically, all of the CDC’s outbreak warnings on its homepage are currently for items on the so-called “healthy” foods list.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is warning of five potentially fatal, multi-state outbreaks – all victimizing people who eat foods typically considered healthful:

  • Alfalfa Sprouts (two outbreaks),
  • Organic Shake and Meal Products,
  • Packaged Salads, and
  • Cucumbers

Nine people in either Minnesota or Wisconsin who ate alfalfa sprouts have been diagnosed with the outbreak strain of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli O157 (STEC O157), which can cause hemolytic uremic syndrome, a potentially-fatal type of kidney failure. The CDC has linked the infections to sprouts produced by Jack & the Green Spouts.

“This outbreak does not appear to be related to the ongoing multistate outbreak of Salmonella Muenchen infections linked to alfalfa sprouts produced by Sweetwater Farms of Inman, Kansas,” the CDC reports.

Thus far, 13 people infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Muenchen have been reported from four states have been linked to Sweetwater Farms sprouts.

Fans of organic shakes and meals are being warned to avoid those products sold by RAW Organic Shakes & Meal products made by Garden of Life, LLC (CDC’s “likely” suspect). Eighteen cases of Salmonella Virchow from 15 states have been reported as of Feb. 17, 2016. The suspected products, sold nationally, have been voluntarily recalled.

Packaged salads have apparently caused eighteen people from nine states to contract Listeria, which “can cause a serious, life-threatening illness,” the CDC warns. All 18 cases were hospitalized, and one of those died.

“Laboratory tests performed on clinical isolates from all 18 ill people showed that the isolates are highly related genetically,” the CDC reports.

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SOURCE: Craig Bannister