After Super Tuesday, Franklin Graham Says ‘Insults, Back-Stabbing, Dirty Tricks’ Among Republican Presidential Candidates Have Hit ‘New Low’

Franklin Graham (Facebook)
Franklin Graham (Facebook)

Evangelical preacher the Rev. Franklin Graham is sharing his reflections on Super Tuesday, warning that America is “ultimately the loser” as the “insults, back-stabbing, dirty tricks” among presidential candidates have hit a new low.

“I’m calling for a truce! A time out. A halt to the insults, the back-stabbing, the dirty tricks, and the name-calling that has been spewing from most of the presidential candidates. ‪#‎SuperTuesday‬ is now over, but the campaign for the highest office in our land has stooped to a new low — and it’s not something to be proud of,” Graham wrote on Facebook Wednesday morning.

“I call on the candidates to drop the childish bickering and get back to the issues that can change America for the good, for the sake of our children and grandchildren. Otherwise America is ultimately the loser. It’s obvious that this country is in trouble — spiritually, morally, and politically,” he added.

While Graham did not name names, the Republican field especially has been characterized by numerous personal attacks and strong accusations among the candidates.

Donald Trump has for instance alleged that Texas Sen. Ted Cruz committed “fraud” in the Iowa caucuses, because the Cruz campaign spread misleading information that retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson was planning to drop out of the race, and did not provide an update stating that Carson denied the rumors.

“He insulted Ben Carson by doing what he did to Ben Carson. That was a disgrace. … He’s a man of insult,” Trump said of Cruz.

Cruz, on the other hand, has called Trump a “rich New York Liberal,” comparing the billionaire businessman to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in an interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity Monday.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
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