Public Enemy’s Professor Griff Unhappy With Use Of “Fight the Power” During Oscars Ceremony


The 88th Academy Awards were two days ago, but the sounding off in regards to the much-debated ceremony continues. This time, Public Enemy’s Professor Griff is slamming the production for using the group’s anthem, “Fight the Power,” to begin and end the festivity.

In an interview with TMZ, Griff, who has been with the group since its 1982 founding, said that the troupe felt the song was used in an effort to pacify Black protesters in wake of this year’s #OscarsSoWhite controversy. According to Griff, it will just be a matter of time until the Academy goes back to its traditional manner of business.

The rapper said that Public Enemy, known for detailing racist institutions and the African American struggle in their music, has been and continues to be focused on serious change and the Academy’s efforts don’t compare. “The show can’t claim the blackness of Public Enemy’s message,” he said.

Though the musical selection has been met with outrage by the rap group, the ceremony’s music supervisor, Byron Phillips told Entertainment Weekly that the track was chosen because it underscored the racial tone of the show.

“[We wanted to] really set the tone for what the night was going to be and do something that was representative of Chris, and who Chris was, and the vibe and tone Chris wanted to set for the evening,” Phillips said. “There was obviously nothing more perfect than ‘Fight the Power’ for that.”

SOURCE: Vibe – Monesha Woods