Linda Dunn, Woman Called Out by Chris Rock, Says Comedian’s Girl Scout Bit at Oscars Was All In Good Fun

IAN FOXX Linda Dunn, who owns her own marketing company, was bested in Girl Scout Cookie sales by Chris Rock at the Oscars.
Linda Dunn, who owns her own marketing company, was bested in Girl Scout Cookie sales by Chris Rock at the Oscars.

The New Jersey mom bested by Chris Rock during his Girl Scout segment at the Oscars says she has no hard feelings that the comedian sold more than $60,000 in cookies in just a few minutes.

Girl Scout troop mom Linda Dunn — whose daughter is in the same group as Rock’s daughters — said she had no advance warning that Rock would deploy Scouts to fan out and sell cookies to Hollywood millionaires.

“All of a sudden my phone starts ringing,” laughed Dunn, who had not been listening at that point in Sunday’s Oscarcast. “My email blows up. Everyone is calling to say Chris Rock just threw down the gauntlet. Did he really do that? He is nuts. It was all fun and all for a great cause.”

Rock’s scouts, 10 Cadets and Juniors from the greater Los Angeles area, ended up selling a reported 13,000 boxes and raising $65,243. The Girl Scouts, however, were still verifying the numbers Monday afternoon.

Proceeds will go to buy school supplies for foster children in Los Angeles and for art classes and other activities for the scouts, said a spokeswoman for the Girl Scouts. She was not positive if this was the scouts’ biggest money-maker in its 100-year history, but scout historians were checking.

Those cookies make everyone happy as Rock knew when he solicited donations from his fellow stars so he could beat Dunn. It sure beats his usual approach, said Dunn, whose daughter has indeed bested Rock’s kids before by enlisting her family in New Jersey, New York and Florida to sell thousands of boxes.

“Chris has stood in front of Kings (supermarket) and sold cookies,” said Dunn, CEO of Odyssey, a marketing firm.

This year, Rock went to the biggest stage possible on behalf of daughters Lola Simone, 13, and Zahra Savannah, 11. “I want you to reach into your millionaire pockets and I want you to buy some of my daughters’ Girl Scout cookies,” he said.

Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale were two of many stars who started tossing bills towards the fast-moving Scouts.

Dunn didn’t know how Rock arranged logistics to distribute the cookies at the Academy Awards. Rock’s daughters were not among the scouts selling to the movie stars, said Dunn, whose daughter is in the same Englewood Cliffs Cadets Troop.

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SOURCE: NY Daily News – Jacqueline Cutler