Langston Hughes’ Estate Praises Controversial Ex-NAACP Leader Rachel Dolezal for Naming her Newborn Son After him


Rachel Dolezal may be celebrating Black History Month in the most interesting way possible. The former NAACP President just gave birth to a baby boy and she named him after two black influencers, Langston Hughes and Crispus Attucks.

Dolezal first made headlines when it was revealed that she had been posing as an African-American woman, although she was born a Caucasian woman. Although her first interviews denied having lied about her identity, she soon came forward about her original race. But even though she checks Caucasian or white on her driver’s license, she decided to pay homage to her favored black culture.

According to TMZ, biographer and executor of Hughes’ estate Arnold Rampersad offered support for Dolezal’s son’s name. “Rampersad says the Harlem Renaissance poet frequently wrote about sexual relations between different races, and understood the ‘pains of what used to be called a ‘voluntary Negro” — a term for a white person who chooses to fight for black rights,” the site reports.

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SOURCE: Vibe – Jessica McKinney