Perry Noble Apologizes for ‘Un-Christlike’ Twitter Rant Against American Airlines Over Wife’s Lost Luggage

(PHOTO: NEWSPRING CHURCH VIA THE CHRISTIAN POST) Perry Noble, senior pastor of NewSpring Church, preaches on Nov. 17, 2013.
Perry Noble, senior pastor of NewSpring Church, preaches on Nov. 17, 2013.


Those are the words that flew out of my mouth on Friday, February 12. They had lost my wife’s luggage, and no one had a clue as to where it was.

They finally located the bag and had someone drive it to Anderson… but they brought the WRONG luggage. (After we had clearly told the lady we spoke with that it was a pink, hard case; they brought us a black duffel bag.)

Saturday – more of the same. I kept hearing, “We are not sure,” and “We are trying,” but NOTHING was happening. So… I used my social media platform to “get their attention.”

By Sunday, I had simply had enough and UNLOADED on American Airlines with a barrage of tweets complaining about their lack of service.  On top of that, when people confronted me about this online, I felt the need to “put them in their place” by retweeting them and following it up with sarcasm to make them back down.

FINALLY, American Air found my wife’s luggage and returned it, and I had seemingly squashed everyone who tried to confront me on Twitter.

I was feeling awesome about myself…until…I realized that my actions in all of this were some of the most un-Christlike things I had ever done.  Below is a list of the four idiotic things I did.

#1 – I used my voice to tear people down rather than build them up.  

Was it wrong for me to call out American Airlines online?


But the way I did it was very wrong.

I could have put out a tweet simply asking for help.

Instead I allowed my emotions to take over, and I allowed anger to be my motivation instead of focusing on trying to be more like Jesus – which resulted in me tearing down American Airlines as well as anyone who disagreed with me.

#2 – I did not tell a better story.  

On Sunday, February 14 we saw 18 people receive Christ at NewSpring Church, and 242 go public for Christ through baptism, but…instead of focusing on what JESUS had done in our church that day… I completely misdirected people towards something I was angry about personally. Consequently, I believe that the work that Christ did in our church that day was under-celebrated because I had an ax to grind!

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