Kick These Bad Habits and Never Be Late Again

Image Source: ShopStyle Photography
Image Source: ShopStyle Photography

Selfish. Inconsiderate. Irresponsible. If you’re constantly late, people might associate you with these negative qualities. A lack of punctuality has more to say about your relationship with yourself than your feelings for friends, family, and co-workers, but they don’t always see it that way. To add hours to your day and make everyone around you appreciate your newfound reliability, kick these bad habits now. No procrastinating!

1. You think best-case scenario.

Two out of five workday mornings the subway takes 20 minutes. But three out of five days? It takes 40 minutes. You need to plan for 40.

2. You hate downtime.

When you get to an appointment early, do you resent the “wasted” time you could have spent being productive at home or at the office? Embrace it. There are actually scientific benefits to daydreaming.

3. Before leaving the house, you do just one more thing.

If you need to catch the bus at 8:30 a.m., 8:29 a.m. is not the time to load your dishwasher.

4. You rely on phones to buy you more time.

Texting your friend or emailing your manager “I’m running five minutes behind!” does not excuse your tardiness.

5. You neglect your calendar.

Don’t let meetings or appointments surprise you. Keep your calendar up to date and review it at the end of each workday and first thing in the morning so you can prepare.

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SOURCE: PopSugar
Annie Gabillet