Jaguars Player Dante Fowler Jr. Apologizes For Video Of Two Women Fighting Over Him

CREDIT: Getty Images/TMZ
CREDIT: Getty Images/TMZ

Jacksonville Jaguars star Dante Fowler Jr. had the Internet in a frenzy on Tuesday (Feb. 23) when a video of two women fighting over him made its way onto TMZ. In the video, the defensive end – and No. 3 2015 draft pick – is seen speaking to one of the women before backing out of her way to allow the fight to take place. Since the surfacing of the clip, Fowler has released an apology.

“I am embarrassed and have apologized for my actions to everyone involved,” his statement read. “As a family, we have been dealing with this moment and the conflict that led to it since this occurred. The video surfacing is a sad reminder that emotions got the best of all of us. I take 100 percent responsibility for everything that happened.”

TMZ reports that the two women involved in the fight were Fowler’s girlfriend and the mother of his child. The incident reportedly happened on Feb. 1. The Jaguars also released a statement, noting that they were aware of the incident before the clip surfaced. The team also said it would provide “resources” and “support” for Fowler to resolve his family’s issues.

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SOURCE: Vibe – Iyana Robertson