WATCH: Mysterious Nighttime Noise has Oregon Residents Concerned


The sound is out there.

Now if terrified residents in Forest Grove could just find the truth.

The shrill, nocturnal noise, which started keeping people awake in the otherwise quiet Washington County town a few weeks ago, is now making national headlines.

On Sunday, The Washington Post reported on what Dave Nemeyer, fire marshal of Forest Grove Fire and Rescue, called “definitely a horrendous noise.” ABC News has also reported on the mystery.

Apparently, the mystery sound, which only comes at night and sounds like a mechanical scream, is also driving pets crazy.

Just listen to it in all of its goose-bumpish glory:


And the sound keeps revisiting the community, which reportedly lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to several minutes.

A leaky water main? A gas line that’s about to blow? A ghost train? The clarion call of Cthulhu?

Fire, police and public works officials told KATU that they’re baffled. But the fire department, which has conducted an investigation, said they don’t believe it poses a safety risk.

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SOURCE: Joseph Rose
The Oregonian/OregonLive