FBI Director Tells Apple Supporters to ‘Stop Saying the World is Ending’


Protesters worldwide plan to blast the FBI for trying to break into a terror suspect’s iPhone, and the general public looks like it’s mostly on Apple’s side in this fight.

Meanwhile, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s director says everyone should essentially chill out.

“We simply want the chance, with a search warrant, to try to guess the terrorist’s passcode without the phone essentially self-destructing and without it taking a decade to guess correctly. That’s it,” said James Comey in a letter released Sunday.

“We don’t want to break anyone’s encryption or set a master key loose on the land.”

His letter also calls for more discussion about balancing privacy and safety: “I hope folks will take a deep breath and stop saying the world is ending, but instead use that breath to talk to each other.”

Comey’s comments come as the controversy continues around Apple’s refusal to comply with a court order to provide a backdoor into the iPhone used by San Bernardino, Calif., shooting suspect Syed Rizwan Farook.

Protesters are expected to gather Tuesday in more than 30 cities around the globe, including in Washington, D.C. — outside the FBI’s headquarters. A MarketWatch poll has found readers mostly in favor of Apple CEO Tim Cook’s defiant move, and newspaper editorials typically agree with Apple.

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SOURCE: Market Watch, Victor Reklaitis