WATCH: Charles Butler & Trinity Member Singing Praise Song In Figure-Hugging Dress Causes Stir Among Christian Viewers Who Say People Ought to Dress Modestly When Ministering

Posted by Charles Butler & Trinity on Saturday, February 20, 2016

Here’s a sampling of viewer comments:

Charles Staunton I’m not knocking this video at all or whatsoever but I just sense that people that don’t read the words mistake what being anointed really is, and on her dress for me I notice a lot of her figure was showing instead of her ministering and that shouldn’t be, not Judging but HELPING, cause people do mistake helping for being “Judging” and miss the mark of HOLINESS being right…and it’s not like you can’t notice no one on this earth is that that holy to not so with that being said it was a bit to tight for all that moving, 1 Timothy 2:9-10, 1 Peter 3:2-5

Charles Butler & Trinity Helping is hitting her inbox or praying. Public comments may not be effective if she never sees it. People say they are helping but how are you helping if you’re reaching out and this is NOT the place to reach out to bring about “change”. This is the problem with Internet ministers. I normally don’t respond to these kinds of comments but the word “Help” is interesting to me. Be blessed!

Dee Dee Carson Everything should be indecent and in order. We don’t need to give the devil no tools to use. We have men in the church that need help from that sex demon Do you think this is helping him?

Charles Butler & Trinity Do you think your comment is “Helping”? Is this comment really bringing about change? I have more people who sent me inbox messages saying the reason why they don’t come to church is NOT the dress it’s these kinds of comments. Kingdom minded individuals would have either reached out to her sincerely or prayed, these kinds of public comments don’t help. I normally don’t comment on these kinds of comments but the word “Help” was interesting to me. God bless!

Tamara Bazemore If you see her dress as a problem, the bible tells us that love will cover a multitude of faults. So where is the love that will cause you to overlook the dress and see what God has in store for this sister. Where is the love that will cause you to fall down on your face and pray that she will become all who God desires her to be. Where is the love that will prevent you from posted these negative posts that can affect her self esteem and character if she reads them. All is saying is walk in love and if you don’t agree with something pray about Right now the question for you is: God are you pleased with my comment(s)? Is what I said pleasing in your sight? Some battles you just don’t have to fight. (On social media destroying a sister because you have issues with a dress for the unsaved world to see) God help us!!!

Shy’Quon Rudolph I’m sick of reading these deep folks comments about her dress. Yes it is tight!!! So what? That’s most of us Christians problem now we too busy looking at folks outer appearance that we can’t hear the inner man. Sangggggg lil woman!!!!!!

Charles Pearson She was knocking it out the park…. Oh lawd…. I didn’t even notice the dress until I read some of the “saints” comments on this here thread lololol!!! Focus on her singing and the rest will take care of itself.

Herbert J. Purkett Jr I can’t hear what she singing, because I’m STARING at what she wearing,,,, wow are we really this delusional

Gloria Winkle-Hill Down through the years I was told by the older saints more than once…..don’t let your good be evil spoken of! The dress is quite revealing.

Aja Redmond Loved the worship and praise. Also noticed her entire body as if she didnt even have the dress on. The Holy Spirit is the revealer of all things and will convict and teach her concerning modesty in due time. Her walk with the Lord is her walk.

LaToya Tiwaina Walton All these comments about this dress that is totally covering her body. Its not see through its not low cut it doesn’t have cut outs. Where is the problem. Is it her dress or your lustful spirit? I’m just saying I can’t stand the religious spirit of bondage. Most of y’all trying to check her about the dress but you scrolling adult websites or gossiping or having an affair or lying or have an issue with forgiveness. Wearing this dress is not a sin but y’all quick to point it out to her and others like you’re the garment police or God has called you to the fitted dress ministry. Understand a lot of what is being said is pushing people away from God.

Laketha Quanta McDowell Many people are talented and gifted by the Lord, but it’s the anointing that destroys the yokes of sin & that same anointing will also teach you how to perfect the Holy Ghost within & the true holiness that God is calling for, & not this form that’s developing that many in the church world has come to call holiness. Remember he that wins souls is wise & it’s all about winning souls when working for the Lord. There is a different & yes even in how we dress as confessor of Christ. There is a way that seems right in the eyes of men, but the end leads to destruction. Even in her good intentions that dress could have been the very tool use by satan to detract weaker vessels in Christ & sinners keeping them from receiving from the Lord. Now for those people who’s blaming the weaker vessel (who are just that weaker vessels in which in that case God called for those who are strong to help the weaker vessels) & not holding this powerful gifted woman who appears to be using her gift to praise God is not fair. She must be corrected and taught how a dress like that causes lust for weaker vessel & those sinners she’s trying to convince to praise her God because it does just as the revealing clothes of a prostitute does for men seeking pleasure. We must not allow the house of God to become a house of pleasure for the devil to play around in. Keep the devil out by teaching the men’s and women’s of God holiness & becoming modest. I will say this that if her soul purpose is truly to uplift Christ then let this be a learning experience and never wear a dress that revealing while ministering or publicly if you’re confessing Christ because just as your voice is undeniable beautiful that dress is undeniable detracting. I don’t know you or your walk for Christ, so I’m not judging you or the God in you. I’m simple shining light on a issue that many children of God are neglecting & that’s to represent Christ modestly. It’s no denying she can sing, but so can so many others & do so gracefully being mindful of God first of all, themselves, others. I don’t want to be the cause no one stumbled (by contributing to the spirit of lust in them) or standing in the way of sinners (by failing to show a difference between Holiness & worldliness). And another thing when you put videos, pictures, & posts on FB be prepared for the people’s comments & stop taking things so offensive. The spirit of offense is strong on social media. Yes God is the only one to change lives, but he uses his vessels to help you learn & grow, so grow from this. Be blessed in the Lord!

SOURCE: Charles Butler & Trinity FB