NYPD Reportedly Want Beyonce to Explain her Super Bowl 50 Performance, Speak Against Violence Toward Police

CREDIT: Getty Images
CREDIT: Getty Images

Super Bowl 50 literally took place two Sundays ago, yet, there are still people who are highly ticked off because Beyonce used the platform to perform her politically-conscious single “Formation,” backed by her fleet of dancers dressed as Black Panthers, raising their fists and making an X formation in honor of Malcolm X.

Since her controversial performance, some have tried to plan an Anti-Beyonce protest (which turned out to be the biggest fail in life) as well as members of law enforcement across the nation blaming police related deaths on her new single.

According to TMZ, rank and file in the NYPD said they don’t think the superstar entertainer advocated for violence against police, but that’s how the performance came across and because of it, the NYPD source says they want an explanation, and to publicly say she doesn’t endorse violence against the police.

The NYPD source was also quick to say that when Bey comes to New York they’ll fully protect her as well.

So yeah…there’s that.

SOURCE: Vibe – Shenequa Golding