$799 HTC Vive Starts Shipping in April, Preorders Start February 29


Remember when the Oculus Rift preorders opened up at a whopping $599, and gamers revolted? Remember how we optimistically wished, “now we’ll wait and see whether the HTC Vive…is more affordable?” Well, it’s not.

Starting February 29, you’ll be able to preorder the HTC Vive from htcvive.com (Steam will point to HTC’s order page). Your VR kit, assuming you get in on the first batch, will ship in early April (the exact date has not yet been announced).

So what do you get for a VR kit that costs $200 more than the already-expensive Rift? In the box, you’ll find the head-mounted display with integrated camera, the two wireless base stations, the break-out box you plug everything into, and most importantly, two wireless VR controllers. It’s the precise motion- and position-tracked controllers, together with the ability to be tracked as you walk around the room, that really separates the Vive from the Oculus Rift. HTC and Valve are quick to point out that, yes, this is expensive, but it’s the only complete VR experience.

The final shipping headset is tweaked and improved over the “Vive Pre” we saw at CES. It looks almost identical, but features better ergonomics (including an improved strap and a pair of swappable “gaskets” to rest against your face—one narrow and one wide), and a built-in microphone. You’ll even be able to connect your phone to the Vive and receive calls, texts, and notifications without taking off the headset.

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SOURCE: PC World, Jason Cross