Black American Power Players Who Are Shaping Today’s Culture

Margo Jefferson - The Insightful Scholar
Margo Jefferson – The Insightful Scholar

It’s Black History Month, and here at Yahoo Style, we acknowledge, appreciate and hold dear the work and sacrifices of influential black people who have come before us, changing life for all people. Their contributions should never be forgotten, but this time, we want to look to the present and ultimately, the future, paying homage to the people shaping our culture today, creating not just black history, but American history right now. Every day, we will highlight an influential man or woman who is changing the social, political, and cultural landscape now and for future generations. 

Our influencers come from the worlds of art, journalism, music, film and of course, fashion. See who made our list and how they’re shaping our world today.

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Source: Yahoo | Jihan Forbes